Patient Benefits

As a patient, you and your family want to become more involved in your care. Sometimes, you lack the visibility to truly understand the options before you and why a certain decision has been proven to drive better outcomes. Profility has the power to provide you with valuable insights into your care planning, and to allow you to become an empowered participant in the decisions that concern you. Ask your caregiver if they are deploying Profility today!

Patient Benefits Overview

– As a patient, you want care decisions that concern you to be based on your unique profile, not an abstract average. Having actual, scientific information about outcomes of other, similar patients helps you understand the decisions required and be more confident in your care planning. (example: Mr. Adams finds out that 2/3 patients with conditions that include CHF, Stroke, and hearing impairment just like him did recover to 85% higher levels when treated by ABC Skilled Nursing Facility).

-Understanding how the different providers in your area measure up regarding their performance with patients presenting diagnosis and conditions similar to you empowers you to make informed decisions when it comes selecting providers. This insight empowers you to select a provider with the best chance to improve your recovery and reduce the risk of further complications.

-Your family plays a crucial role in your recovery. Profility can help them understand options and make the decisions that are right for you, in light of your particular condition(s). Profility provides “Personalized Placement”.

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