Post-Acute Care Benefits

Profility leverages its access to millions of patient records to provide insights into the performance of Post-Acute Care providers in any given healthcare ecosystem. By understanding which provider achieves the best outcomes for a particular care pathway and particular groups of patients, Profility becomes an invaluable care planning tool both for the individual provider as well as the local healthcare ecosystem (ACO, Healthcare System, Post-acute care system).

Uniquely, Profility leverages its knowledge at the individual patient level, enabling PAC providers to understand how best to care for a particular patient.

PAC Benefits Overview

As a PAC provider, you can use Profility to gain insights into the recovery trajectory for each individual patient, helping you identify effective treatments and understanding when and why a patient might have reached a recovery “plateau” and what should be the optimal next step. You can then leverage this knowledge to optimize length of stay and to avoid costly acute re-admissions. (example: Mr. Smith arrives after a cardiac episode, shows good progress and can be sent home early based on evidence of better outcomes in home care for homogeneous patients).

– By optimizing and adapting the care setting to the individual patient, actual outcomes are improved. Instead of continuing to prescribe inefficient treatments or unnecessarily adding to the length of stay, you are able to fully understand each patient’s progress and learn from previous knowledge of similar cases. (example: Mrs. Davis transitions to PAC after surgical repair of a broken hip and is prescribed 30 min of daily physical therapy as well as a number of other customized treatment plans because Mrs. Davis clones, had 60% more improvement that similar patient who didn’t receive this same treatment plan).

– As a participant in a competitive, bundled care environment you are increasingly held accountable for your performance and outcomes. Your Profility deployment will help you better understand how you stack up, and where you could improve your performance. In turn, you learn about how to best market and sell your services to the acute providers in your area/ecosystem.

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