Acute Care Benefits

Profility informs care planning in the acute hospital environment by providing deep and detailed insights about how patients are likely to respond to a particular treatment or pathway. Our solution can be deployed across the organization to support caregivers and care planners in their work.

Acute Benefits Overview

-Upon admission: understanding optimal pathway to successful treatment based on individual patient profile (example: COPD with type 2 diabetes and a history of depression, who lives alone).

-Upon discharge: identifying the post-acute provider that matches the individual patient’s needs, which in turn enables a meaningful discharge discussion supported by data about the patient’s personalized profile, here are the best post-acute care options for YOU and WHY, (example Miss Jones has hip replacement, low blood pressure, COPD and a history of falls and her husband is already wheel chair bound).

-From an overall organizational standpoint, the acute provider will be able to leverage Profility’s tools to drive a reduction in healthcare delivery costs, a reduction in readmissions, and enjoy overall better cost control. This is particularly important in today’s healthcare environment where risk sharing contracts and bundled payment care plans will increasingly dominate the landscape.

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