Predictive Analytics Technology

Profility’s cloud-based, enterprise-grade platform features a full suite of post-acute care connectivity solutions and tools that are easy to deploy and that do not require any heavy integration with existing systems and software products. The platform leverages multiple existing big data sources and predictive analytics technology to create personalized care planning profiles that can be used to support post-acute care decision making throughout every aspect of care delivery.

Patient Profile Summary

Full and “Warm” patient hand-off improves care coordination with no invasive changes required to existing workflows and tools.

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PAC Selector

Helps staff choose the right post-acute care setting for each individual patient.

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PAC Provider Search

Helps staff and patients choose the optimal provider for each individual patient’s post-acute care needs.

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Utilization Management

Leverages predictive analytics to adjust post-acute care packages on an ongoing basis

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Market Dynamics

Helps all players understand post-acute care market realities by scoring providers by results and per patient profile.

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