Optimizing Underwriting and Cost Planning with Profility

Optimizing Underwriting and Cost Planning with Profility

Profility, founded in 2012 combines extensive expertise in real-time data matching and predictive analytics with a deep understanding of patient pathways through medical care systems. Profility has developed solutions that allow insurance companies and healthcare providers to better understand and predict the life expectancy of people in need of medical care, e.g. nursing home residents. For insurance companies, the application of predictive profiling is valuable in point-of-sales situations and as a decision-support tool in complex underwriting situations.

Profility’s Unique Profiling Technology

Unique Services: Profility provides solutions and services that allow care providers and insurance companies to better understand the future outcomes of their decisions.

Profiling: Profility’s complex profiling mechanism has proven to be more effective than traditional statistical methods in predicting healthcare outcomes.

Big Data: Profility leverages its access to millions of records which form the basis of the predictive power of its solutions.

Insurance Applications

Underwriting – Assessment of Life Expectancy

Cost Planning – Healthcare System Dependency

Shared Risk Models – Accountable Care

Profility Tools for Insurance Providers

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