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Profility at HLTH 2021 standard

HLTH (health) is a leading platform for bringing together the entire health ecosystem, focused on health innovation and transformation. Profility was present for the 2021 edition at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, showcasing its post-acute care connectivity and predictive analytics solutions to senior leaders from providers and payers alike.

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Montefiore and Profility at World Hospital at Home Congress 2021 standard

World Hospital at Home Congress 2021 ( brought together international thought leaders and experts at the fore-front of the field for 3 days of unparalleled networking, discussions and the latest technology and applications. The event was virtual due to COVID-related restrictions. Dr. Allison Stark (CMO of the Montefiore Care Management organization) and Dr. Sheryl Levin (Director of Consultation Service and Post-Acute Care Transitions at Montefiore) were invited to speak at the event, and together they presented their work around optimizing transitions of care with the help of Profility’s solutions.

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Profility Presents at the IBM Think Digital Summit Israel 2020 (Hebrew) standard

Profility was invited to present its solutions at the 2020 edition of IBM’s Think Digital Summit Israel. In this video, IBM Israel CEO Daniel Melka introduces Ohad Barzilay, Founder and CEO of Profility, to talk about the company’s technology and how leveraging IBM’s Cloudant portfolio helped Profility meet the regulatory, robustness and scalability requirements of deploying enterprise-grade platforms for healthcare.

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RIHub Selected as US Landing Location for Israeli Tech Startups Looking to Gain Entry in US Market standard

Bridge to Israel Program Connects Startups to Rhode Island’s Innovation Ecosystem PROVIDENCE, R.I. (PRWEB) October 15, 2020 — RIHub, the central network connector and incubator for entrepreneurs and startups in Rhode Island, announced today it is the recommended choice for Israeli startups looking to expand their businesses in the US market. RIHub’s Bridge to Israel program offers incubation services, strategic introductions and mentoring to high-tech startups in a broad range of industries, providing Rhode Island as a place to enter and test their businesses in North America.Global accelerators IBM Alpha Zone, Hadassah Hospital Tech Accelerator and Ben Gurion University’s Oazis have come together to announce that RIHub is the next stop for high potential growth startups in Israel. “As the ...

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Profility and IBM Provide Predictive Analytics Solution to Montefiore Health System standard

In an effort to improve their discharge and placement procedures and ensure that patients are given the best possible chance to recover after hospitalization, Monetefiore has been rolling out Profility’s advanced predictive analytics tools across their many facilities in the Greater Bronx area. Running on IBM Cloud technology, Profility is now deployed and available all along the path of care where it helps caregivers and discharge planners take better decisions for and with their patients. Joy Smith (RN) is a Case Manager at Montefiore, listen in below as she talks about how technology is providing her with the solutions she needs to do her job. Read more about Profility and IBM Cloudant in this case study.

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Profility Delivers Predictive Analytics Platform Using IBM Cloudant standard

When a patient is discharged from the hospital after surgery, post-acute care can have a significant impact on their recovery time and risk of readmission. Profility uses IBM® Cloud™ technologies to run sophisticated algorithms that predict which post-acute care facilities are likely to provide the best outcomes for patients at the lowest costs for payers and providers. Head over to to read the full case study and learn more about how Profility is helping improve decision making and outcomes in healthcare thanks to its advanced predictive analytics platform.

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Predictive Analytics Top 2017 Priority for Healthcare Leaders standard

Predictive analytics and the use of data for informed decision making top the opportunities in 2017 identified by some of the leading supply chain provider organizations in North America. The results are based on a survey conducted by Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) with its Best 50 provider organizations on priorities and outcomes for the healthcare supply chain in 2017. The survey also revealed that top performing supply chain organizations will look to improve price accuracy between supplier and provider partners as well as standardize business processes and data across the organization. The following areas were identified as among the top healthcare supply chain initiatives planned for 2017: Standardization: for physician preference items (PPI) and across all clinical areas; reduction ...

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Profility Completes IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator standard

Profility was fortunate enough to be selected for IBM’s Alpha Zone accelerator, now in its 4th season. The Alpha Zone gives start-ups access to technology, expertise, and logistics support to help them grow and take their solutions to the next level. After an intensive 20-week immersion, hosted at IBM’s Petah Tikva offices, we were ready to take the stage and present our work to an audience made up of over 200 investors, influencers, and technology players. The Itzhak Rabin center in Tel Aviv played a most gracious host to the event, with the brilliant Tel Aviv skyline providing a suitable backdrop for the fireworks on display on stage. Each of the 8 companies of the 4th season were given a ...

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This is Profility standard

Welcome to Profility. We are leading the charge on leveraging information technology to provide personalized predictions and other planning tools for healthcare. Our advanced profiling technology offers caregivers new capabilities, utilizing historical data to make predictions about how patients are likely to react to therapies and care protocols, specifically with regards to acute and post-acute care collaboration and coordination. Today, we are proud to present our new website. We hope you will find it informative, useful, and above all, stimulating. Whether you are an acute or a post-acute care provider, Profility’s technology can help your organization take better care planning decisions for improved patient outcomes and lower costs. Feel free to have a look around, and to get in touch ...

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