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Profility and IBM Provide Predictive Analytics Solution to Montefiore Health System standard

In an effort to improve their discharge and placement procedures and ensure that patients are given the best possible chance to recover after hospitalization, Monetefiore has been rolling out Profility’s advanced predictive analytics tools across their many facilities in the Greater Bronx area. Running on IBM Cloud technology, Profility is now deployed and available all along the path of care where it helps caregivers and discharge planners take better decisions for and with their patients. Joy Smith (RN) is a Case Manager at Montefiore, listen in below as she talks about how technology is providing her with the solutions she needs to do her job. Read more about Profility and IBM Cloudant in this case study.

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Profility Delivers Predictive Analytics Platform Using IBM Cloudant standard

When a patient is discharged from the hospital after surgery, post-acute care can have a significant impact on their recovery time and risk of readmission. Profility uses IBM® Cloud™ technologies to run sophisticated algorithms that predict which post-acute care facilities are likely to provide the best outcomes for patients at the lowest costs for payers and providers. Head over to to read the full case study and learn more about how Profility is helping improve decision making and outcomes in healthcare thanks to its advanced predictive analytics platform.

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