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Modern healthcare leverages a vast, multidisciplinary ecosystem to deliver ever-improving outcomes for patients, but what if information technology could unlock the next level of performance in care planning, cost reduction, and personal experiences? For example, in the US alone, 10 billion dollars could be saved annually by matching patients with the optimal post-acute care setting.

Profility provides advanced predictive analytics technology that enables truly personalized care planning, by optimizing decisions and transitions within a healthcare ecosystem and leveraging existing knowledge about how patients will respond to a particular treatment or pathway. This ability to understand the patient and his or her UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS is what sets our solution apart. Our advanced profiling technology matches patients to clusters of near-clones, and then draws on existing big data sets regarding how such patients reacted to treatment/care pathways. Profility looks beyond the average patient to personalize care, and provides usable solutions that provide healthcare providers and insurance companies with tools that impact both the quality of care and the outcomes, as well as help reduce cost.

To affect outcomes in healthcare we have to provide actionable insight at the point of care. Unless caregivers and other personnel are provided with tools that add value to their workflow, they will have little reason to change the way they are doing things. Profility’s different solutions are designed to deliver real-time patient and provider data that can contribute to better decision making, at the point of care and throughout the care planning process.

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ACUTE Care Benefits

From admission to discharge, Profility provides predictive analytics tools to identify treatments that work
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Post-acute Care Benefits

Profility matches patients to Post-Acute-Care providers to improve outcomes and reduce readmissions
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PATIENT Benefits

Profility helps empower patients with knowledge of what works for them and why
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